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Moving Tips and Checklist

Moving can be an overwhelming and stressful time for even the most organized of people. After years in the same place where do you start? This checklist may give you a starting point and help keep you focused on the tasks at hand.

    One Month Before You Move:

  1. Reserve your moving truck or trailer for your moving day to ensure you have the equipment you need. Purchase any moving boxes and packing supplies at the same time.
  2. Start to clean out closets, garage, attic, and basement. Sort items into “keep and pack” and “sell/donate” piles. Have a yard sale, put an ad in the paper to sell larger unwanted items, and donate to charity.
  3. Get change of address cards from your post office and arrange for your mail to be forwarded. Notify telephone, utilities, insurance companies, charge accounts, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, doctors, etc. of your change of address. Arrange transfer of children’s school records.
  4. Start packing items you can do without for the time being. Label boxes clearly with contents and room designation so they end up where they belong.
  5. Make a “survival closet” of things you will need for the final clean-up, broom, mop, floor cleaner, vacuum, garbage bags, etc.
  6. Continue packing keeping only essential items out. To save on boxes pack clothes, accessories, shoes, etc in suitcases. Use towels to wrap mirrors and picture frames.
  7. Schedule disconnects for gas, electric and water. Arrange for refunds that may be due and schedule connections for your new house.

    The Day Before The Move:

  8. Make sure everything is packed keeping essentials together in the last boxes to seal up at the last minute. Have “easy to grab” snacks and drinks ready to keep you going throughout moving day.
  9. Clean refrigerator, defrost and dry inside.
  10. Get enough cash to tide you over.
  11. Say goodbye to neighbours. Don’t leave it until moving day when your time will be valuable.
Packing Supplies
Item Price
Picture Box (4"x4"x20")


Small Box (1.5 cu.ft.) $1.35
Medium Box (3.0 cu.ft.) $2.35
Large Box (4.5 cu.ft.) $3.35
X-Large Box (6.0 cu.ft.) $4.95
File Box with Lid $4.30
Short Wardrobe (9.4 cu.ft.) $13.95
Large Wardrobe (14 cu.ft.) $18.27
Tie Down Rope (50 ft.) $3.95
Packing Tape (2"x55 yds. - Clear) $5.10
Packing Tape with Dispenser $7.95
Packing Peanuts (biodegradable, 1.5 cu.ft.) $7.95
Paper - 3lb. $6.40
Paper - 5 lb. $8.95
Paper - 10 lb. $14.95
Paper - 25 lb., 500 sheets $32.35
Locks $9.95
Trailer Wiring Adapters $14.95
Mattress Covers, Queen $6.95
Mattress Covers, Double $5.49
  *All prices + HST

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